Liquid Screen Protector Nano

Liquid Screen Protector Nano

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Liquid Screen Protector Nano

With Nano-hydrophobic technology, the liquid application adds an invisible coat that strengthens the screen by adding oil and scratch resistance.
Nano-millions of millions of ultra-thin layers create an ultra-thin layer on the display to enhance the display and provide invisible protection against scratches. Certainly it is also enjoyed by users of curved displays, for which it is not easy to get full-screen protection of the display.
10x shock and scratch resistant
Reduces finger print trace
Anti-water stain
Completely invisible
Easy to apply
Works on any kind of screen even smart watches
In addition to display protection, the oil-coating layer will alsoimprove its resistance to grease, water and fingerprints.
Features of liquid hardened glass for Hi-Tech Nano liquid screen protector display:
Compatible with many devices, one protection for all displays
Covers the entire surface of any display, including those curved
Simple installation, complete packaging with all the necessary
Improves protection against dirt, scratches and cracks
Improves the feeling of operating the device – the surface is smoother
Equal protection for the entire display area
How to Apply:
Step 1: simply clean your screen by utilizing the wet cloth, and dry with the green fabric.
Step 2: open the bottle and remove the gray rubber completely.
Step 3: pour fair amount of liquid to cover the surface (you most likely will end up with extra liquid so why not using it on the camera lens and the back if its glass or on another phone).
Step 4: spread the liquid using the dry cloth and wait 30 seconds.
Step 5: polish with the green fabric as needed.
Features: Scratch Proof,Easy to Install,Ultra-thin,Anti-Microbial
Package contains
5 X 2ml Nanometer liquid protective film with a cleaning cloth

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