Logitech Z50 speaker Blue

Logitech Z50 speaker Blue

Product Code: Logitech Z50 speaker Blue
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Logitech Z50 portable speaker can be plugged into any socket jack 3,5mm mp3 players, mobile phones , tablets, laptop etc. It is very small, convenient and offers the guarantee of quality of the largest speaker maker for computers.


* You need external power



·         Compatibility : It can connect with any 3.5mm enabled device like mp3 player, ipods, smartphones, laptops etc

·         Connectivity : 3.5 mm Jack

·         Power cable 1.8 m (in the box)

·         Speaker power: 10 Watt

·         Weight: 260 g

Dimensions: 10.6 cm x 9.86 cm x 9.86 cm

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